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We want to help you find the right training programmes based on your goals. If you need help knowing where to start just use the programme finder below.
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finding the right training programmes

We have got lots to offer you. To help you get started, choose the statement below that best describes how you want to train and we'll direct you to the right training programmes.
If you're just starting out with bodyweight training + calisthenics we have a great selection of foundation programmes for you.
If handstands, muscle ups and human flags are what you're looking for, we have training programmes for these specific movements.
Find out about live follow along workouts, on-demand library and our Strength, Play + Conditioning programmes.

Foundation calisthenics

New to Calisthenics?
You're in the right place. No experience needed.

Mastering your own bodyweight is a journey that never gets boring and the progressions are endless! It's exhilarating, challenging and addictive. It's also a lot of FUN!
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Below are some training programmes that you might like to use and they are all included in our membership packages or as individual purchases.
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Training Programmes

Foundation Calisthenics

bodyweight basics

With our Bodyweight Basics training programme, you'll learn the foundation bodyweight exercises to develop the movement and strength you'll need for specific calisthenics movements like handstands, muscle ups and levers such as the human flag!


This training programme will show you exactly what you need to do to hold your first handstand. It is structured using the latest in skill acquisition science and the process has been streamlined to be the most comprehensive but simplified approach to learning to move in a new way.

follow along workouts

Join our expert coaching team either live or watch back on demand for follow along workouts that will help you to move better, get strong + have more fun. Our live follow along sessions are all about helping you to move better, get strong and have more fun with calisthenics and bodyweight training.

lower body foundations

The squat + lunge are important in all lower body movements. Whether you want to learn calisthenics exercises like pistol squats, weight training or plyometrics, high quality movement is built on stable foundations. In this programme, we'll give you a corrective training process that you can individualise to regain and improve your bodyweight squat and multi-directional lunge.

specific calisthenics programmes

If you have a specific calisthenics goal like a handstand, muscle up or human flag, we've got you covered.

All are included in our membership packages or as individual purchases.
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Training Programmes

Specific Calisthenics Movements


Find balance, get strong and make it look effortless.
 Frogstand to Handstand

Muscle up

Master one of the most iconic feats of strength there is!
 Ring Muscle Up
 Bar Muscle Up

human Flag

In this course we'll show you how to build the specific strength needed to do a human flag and teach you the progressions that allow you to move in a completely new way. Exciting, challenging and totally worth it, get ready to redefine your impossible.

Back Lever

The Back Lever is an exciting movement and great way to fall in love with calisthenics as it is a strength-based movement that is achievable for many people, even those just starting to explore bodyweight training. 

bodyweight workouts

From follow along workouts for beginners to progressive strength and play challenges, these programmes will get your started in calisthenics and keep your programme fresh as you progress.
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Training Programmes

Bodyweight + Calisthenics Workouts

strength, Play + Conditioning

Freedom to move. Freedom to play. Get strong. Get fit.
 Strength + Play Tutorial Library
 Strength, Play + Conditioning Workouts

bodyweight Basics + Follow Alongs

Master the foundation bodyweight exercises. No experience needed.


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movement + Mobility Masterclass

Train with movement specialist, Ollie Frost, and invest in your physical pension. Included in V.I.P Memberships.