The Tutors

Our calisthenics tutors, Tim Stevenson and David Jackson, have extensive experience in elite performance strength and conditioning as athletes and coaches. Combining both knowledge and experience, the School of Calisthenics tutors have developed a learning platform utilising our understanding of sport science, strength and conditioning, physical adaptation and how to practically and systematically apply that within the realm of calisthenics.

We’re passionate about calisthenics of course, but even more about helping anyone begin their journey by removing the barriers which often prevent them from even getting started, let alone becoming awesome. As such we’ve now refined, streamlined and shaped our knowledge, experience and skills to create The School of Calisthenics Framework.

  • Brandon Thorpe

    The Human Flag programme is a great tool and guide to help show you the muscle imbalances you attain over the years. It was like a map to creating a functional and balanced body. One that can redefine the impossible for me of the Human Flag! The consistent training created the results!

  • Ian Power

    I became bored with regular weight training doing just sets and reps. I wanted something challenging. I came across the guys from school of calisthenics on facebook and did not hesitate on buying their e-books. The knowledge they share has changed my way of looking at physical activity in general, has expanded and understanding of how an the body moves and what it can do with a smart training. Personally, it has been like a bomb. The training affects within yourself, making you more stronger in adversity and creating a resilient attitude. As the guys say redefine your impossible!!!!

  • Phil Spalding again!

    I only have to look at the cover of the Muscle Up Guide and this happened…!!!

  • Jack Webb

    Hi I’m Jack I’m 12 and I just wanted to show u what u have inspired me to do! I have always wanted to do a handstand so I started trying it on my own and got pretty good then I saw your page and got the Handstand guide and it really helped me to do this and now I’ve redefined my impossible! Next stop Muscle Up!

  • Chris Page

    I’m so please to say I have achieved my goal of frog to handstand following the workshop I attended at Marchon Athletic a few months back.

    It been very challenging and humbling at times, but with both your advice and guidance it made it more achievable. I would definitely still be landing on my face in the frog stand without it! So thank you.

  • Mike McCarrick

    The first time I tried the back lever I thought I did ok but then I videod myself doing it and it was shocking! But the eBook Jacko and Tim put together is really straightforward and has a lot of clever exercises that help you gradually improve. Possibly the most useful part of the training is sending in the videos to get feedback and tuition to help you get to the end goal, the guys are always quick to respond too. Thanks Jacko and Tim!

  • Adrain Benjamin

    “I bought this training program 2 weeks ago. Hoping that it would give me the last keys on my journey of the muscle up. And man it did! 3 weeks ago the bar muscle up was far down in the impossible box. I had watched hundreds of videos on YouTube and was trying all sort of things. But it seemed impossible. Then all of a sudden today 2 weeks after I manage to do my first muscle up without any help!

    The feeling of achieving my first muscle up was extremely good! If you want that amazing feeling of achieving the impossible you simply have to listen to Tim and David. Buy the program, set up a training plan, learn from the videos and all the good stuff that’s in the program. And soon you will be able to get above the bar! Thanks” – Adrian

  • Ross Butler Again

    Don’t usually post anything fitness related, but so pleased I got my first ring muscle up thanks to the School of Calisthenics Muscle Up Guide! I’ve only had it a week…!!!

  • Ollie Marchon

    Former English Rugby 7’s International Ollie Marchon from Marchon Athletic mixing up his traditional weightlifting and seeing the benefits straight away to his training!

  • Ross Butler

    Having followed your videos for quite a while now using the tutorials for when I have ‘play days’ in my training, I’ve finally managed to redefine my impossible of the Back Lever… now its time to attack the Handstand!

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