The Tutors

Our calisthenics tutors, Tim Stevenson and David Jackson, have extensive experience in elite performance strength and conditioning as athletes and coaches. Combining both knowledge and experience, the School of Calisthenics tutors have developed a learning platform utilising our understanding of sport science, strength and conditioning, physical adaptation and how to practically and systematically apply that within the realm of calisthenics.

We’re passionate about calisthenics of course, but even more about helping anyone begin their journey by removing the barriers which often prevent them from even getting started, let alone becoming awesome. As such we’ve now refined, streamlined and shaped our knowledge, experience and skills to create The School of Calisthenics Framework.

  • Ed Palmer Again!

    So easy he ‘boshed’ out two in a row… you’ll not believe these were his first ever Muscle Ups at our London Workshop in May 2017!

  • Ed Palmer

    Incredible to see Mail his first Human Flag at our London Workshop in May 2017! Longest hold we’ve seen for the first time… so long you won’t believe this was his first Human Flag!

  • Joe Wood-Lowe Back Again!

    Joe adds the ring muscle to his bar muscle at the London workshop in May 2017

  • Joe Wood-Lowe Once Again!

    First ever Bar Muscle Up for Joe adding it to his Back Lever and Handstand graduations!

  • Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith redefined his impossible at our weekly Class at H3 Performance nailing his first ring muscle up!

  • Andy Bailey

    At his second visit to the school of calisthenics weekly class Andy added the Ring Muscle Up to his list of achievements!

  • Jonathan Fenner

    “After 5 and a half months of working on my handstand using the School of Calisthenics Facebook page and following the Handstand eBook I finally redefined my impossible of a frogstand to handstand to handstand press up!” – Jonathan Fenner

  • Dexter Brown

    Dexter made his first ring muscle up look so easy its hard to believe it was his first, but you heard his say it! Dexter redefined his impossible at workshop with us in May 2017.

  • Katie Love

    “With the School of Calisthenics I feel I’m improving everyday and loving every minute of it! Being able to hold a handstand from a frogstand in an awesome feeling!” – Katie Love

  • Ben Mortlock

    “I’m not sure what to say really. I guess that the school of calisthenics advice, especially on frog stand progressions really helped me with my handstand. That is the truth!” – Ben Mortlock

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