The Tutors

Our calisthenics tutors, Tim Stevenson and David Jackson, have extensive experience in elite performance strength and conditioning as athletes and coaches. Combining both knowledge and experience, the School of Calisthenics tutors have developed a learning platform utilising our understanding of sport science, strength and conditioning, physical adaptation and how to practically and systematically apply that within the realm of calisthenics.

We’re passionate about calisthenics of course, but even more about helping anyone begin their journey by removing the barriers which often prevent them from even getting started, let alone becoming awesome. As such we’ve now refined, streamlined and shaped our knowledge, experience and skills to create The School of Calisthenics Framework.

  • Davidalexis Juarez Rodriguez

    I watched the video of @schoolofcalisthenics and my dream was I want to be part of graduation of handstand so I practiced all the days and asking for tips on how to improve Tim and Jacko answered all my questions hand helped me each step of the way and I never do that without you. Thanks for helping me redefine my impossible!

  • Zara Stokes

    My first ever ring muscle up! Was so excited through in a skin the cat as part of the dismount!!!! Ha ha! Thank you for your help and tutorials to show my how to redefine my impossible, never thought I’d do this!

  • Ryan Aldridge

    I want to thank you guys for helping me and keeping me going and share your knowledge and experience every day should be a play day even at work

  • Mitchell Scott

    Your tutorial videos are a success!! To say I couldn’t do a frog stand last week I’ve redefined my impossible today! Is that a record…?

  • Nehal Kapoor

    I just went through all your Instagram page videos and was able to redefine my impossible. Thanks a lot and you guys have no idea how you guys are helping a lot of people gain a lot of things which we are so grateful for!

  • Talita Botha

    I achieved the handstand from frog for the first time with the help of your training guide! Thank you for much for all the awesome tutorials and I’ve had a blast doing it!

    It’s about time we all started having more fun!

    Since I found you guys, going to the gym is no longer a chore, but rather a chance to play and learn cool new moves. Every progression is like a little personal victory. Thanks for helping me achieve my first impossible, only the first of many!

  • Llion William

    Thanks again for the great tutorials gives an ex rugby player something to work on after retirement.

  • James Clowes

    Last day of the holiday when he had a go on the off chance… and what do you know… bang like magic my first bar muscle up! Thanks for the help, coaching and support in redefining my impossible!

  • Gasser Farid (again!)

    I’ll never forget the feeling of my first bar muscle up! Thank you for helping me redefine my impossible guys!

  • Byron Truscott

    Redefining my impossibles one at at a time thanks to School of Calisthenics

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