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Mrs Belcher

Head of Power & Female Calisthenics
ROOM 601

Lani Belcher was born to British parents in Australia and grew up in sunny Brisbane. Sport has always been a huge part of Lani’s life. Triathlons, velodrome cycling, Football and hockey to representing Australia for the first time when she was 16 years old on the Sprint and Marathon kayaking Teams. When she was 18 Lani made the move to the UK to follow in her parents footsteps of represent Great Britain for kayaking. Over the last 10 years Lani has represented Team GB at the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympic Games and collected multiple World and European Championship Medals in Sprint and Marathon kayaking. In 2017 after many years of both high and lows Lani achieved one of her biggest goals and dreams and became the new ICF World Marathon Champion.

Lani is a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and the newest team member to the School of Calisthenics.

“I started Calisthenics because I love to challenge myself and I liked the idea of moving away from just lifting weights in the gym. I was already relatively strong but learning the patterning and technique is the biggest part to achieving your Impossible.

I have only been on my Calisthenics journey for a year but I have been on a journey to get strong for the last 10 years! When I first started in the gym I couldn’t even do one pull up! It doesn’t happen straight away but by having perseverance, consistency and determination anything is possible!

It’s been great joining the School of Calisthenics coaching team, I’ve really enjoyed learning from the guys in terms of Calisthenics and the coaching but also bringing my experience from professional sport and merging the two. Teaching at the weekly classes in Nottingham and workshops around the UK is one of the best parts of the job. I love helping people to achieve things that never thought their body was capable of and being part of that journey and seeing their face at a class or workshop when they do it is something very special.”

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  • Byron Truscott

    Redefining my impossibles one at at a time thanks to School of Calisthenics

  • Trude Stormer

    Thank you so much for all your guidance in helping me redefine my impossible of the human flag, its feels amazing and I’m extremely proud of my achievements – thanks so much guys. The School of Calisthenics is the best and have the best training guides!

  • Gasser Farid

    I  reached a point that I hated weights and gave up on lifting as I wanted is to be in full control of my body. I followed you guys a few months ago and asked if am too late to start because I thought that you have to start as a kid to make these moves. Just like you, I’ve proved that with your help and following the training guides that anything is possible! Thank you so much for changing my training forever!

  • Amir salloum

    As Stephan Labossiere said, “God doesn’t require perfection, he requires progression.” Thanks to your amazing content I’ve redefined my impossible of the Human Flag and it feels amazing! Looking forward to achieving many more! Thank you guys.

  • Guillermo Martinez

    I’m so glad I acomplished my first the muscle up! The moment I got up the bar, was amazing, tons of adrenaline and energy were going through my entire body. Now i want that sensation again, I will train towards that feeling. Tim, Jacko, and the entire team are amazing. You make people feel amazing by helping them redefine their impossible… that’s Unique.

  • Geoff Speak

    Just a thankyou to both of you for starting the school and for all the cintent you put out. I tagged you in a video earlier and I wanted to send a private message just to high five you as your videos were instrumental in my ability to unlock my first muscle ups. Thanks to you and the whole team…keep on redefining that impossible!

  • Guillermo Manrique

    It’s not high quality or the best form but it has an special charm because it was my first muscle up. I want to say thank you for all your work; sharing quality and free information, creating awesome guides, encouraging people to leave the couch and use their bodyweight to improve their health, solving doubts through the podcast… thanks.

  • Pato Janerio

    I brought the Muscle Up Guide only one month ago. I was able to do 12 strict pull ups. m gonna attack the ring muscle up ! Thanks for the help. Nothing is impossible !

  • Krzysztof Guzowski

    I’m a physiotherapist working with professional tennis players and a father of
    two little princesses. It’s a great but very busy life. Thanks to your
    well designed eBook I was able to take on a challenge and succeed after 3
    months of training. I failed plenty of times but I always managed to find
    a solution because of your tips. I’m really grateful to you guys for that!

  • Chris Page

    I’m so please to say I have achieved my Ring Muscle Up goal following the workshop I attended at Marchon Athletic and following your great video tutorials.

    This is my second skill I have been able to achieve thanks to your amazing content, so thank you guys. Looking forward to achieving many more.