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Mr Baguley

Head of Strength + Beginner Development
ROOM 600

Seth “The Bear” Baguley has lived and breathed human physiology throughout his upbringing. He has been an avid learner of human movement and treats it as his greatest hobby to learn more and more.

He has several years experience not only as a personal trainer, but has helped with the conditioning work for several professional athletes around the world. Rather than turning up and only blasting out the hardest workout possible, his focus is on applying intelligent training methodology into his work. In his line of business, getting high quality, long-term results far outweighs a few intense sweat sessions. This approach has married well with the intelligent and thoughtful framework already in place at The School of Calisthenics.

Bear first begun his Calisthenics journey whilst studying in South Africa. After having hit a wall with his Calisthenics progress, he met Tim and Jacko in Nottingham, England. He has since broken through in areas where he’d become stuck! He is now part of the School of Calisthenics team and is everyday eager to progress further.

“I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to lock down certain moves, and looking back I wish I knew then, what I know now. So the main thing I’d say to you, is that no matter where you’re at, ask questions sooner rather than later! You don’t want to spend 6 months with no progress like I did. We’re so excited about passing these things on and helping others redefine their own impossible. So just ask and you’ll be progressing faster than you ever thought possible.”

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  • Alester Guillermo

    After watching the videos tutorials I’m excited to become a School of Calisthenics graduate with my first Muscle Up, it feels amazing!

  • JagJit Singh

    The School of Calisthenics have given me the help I needed training on my own in India but following their video tutorials I achieved my first muscle Up

  • Andrew Soutar

    It was great to start my a Calisthenics journey with the school of calisthenics and finally redefine my impossible of the frog to handstand. Attending the workshop was a real insight on how to progress and develop and helped start my calisthenics journey. Highly recommended to all… what next now muscle up / flag, maybe both!

  • Dean Thompson

    I was trying to learn the back lever for 2 years but it felt impossible. Four and a half weeks ago I purchased the Back Lever guide from the School of Calisthenics and everything changed! With the help of the guys and following the video coaching tutorials in less than 5 weeks I’ve redefined my impossible of the back lever!

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to working on my handstand next!

  • Pavan Kushi

    “18 days ago I started Muscle Up training but couldn’t do it, it felt impossible, so I bought your muscle Up guide. I started following the video tutorials and now thanks to you only 18 days later I’ve redefined my impossible!” – Pavan

  • Bryony Bull

    Well I don’t know what to say! I’m still buzzing about getting my first muscle up! It’s taken 6 months but I’ve finally redefined my impossible thanks to the coaches at the School of Calisthenics and it feels AMAZING! The Awesome Muscle Up Guide was really easy to follow and love how it includes progressions for all levels so that anyone can pick this up and work their way through it! Next ‘impossible’ for me is the bar muscle up… here I come!

  • Emilio Perez

    Watching all the video tutorials in the muscle up guide has been very helpful! Thank you so so much, its been inspiring since l discovered you guys. Before the guide I was lost and thought it was all about strength but you’ve thought me it’s more than that and I’ve finally today done my first muscle up and its feel awesome!

  • Jacob Mahy Again!

    Today I did my first ever muscle up without a resistance band, thanks so much to you and the training guide. Cheers guys my second ‘impossible’ with your help!

  • Matty Poole

    Big thanks to the guys at School of Calisthenics who helped me achieve my ring muscle up. Not only have they taught me the necessary skills to perform this move they are also an inspiration to me and have kept me hooked on Calisthenics and helped me push forward with my training so again a massive, massive thanks to you guys!

  • Justin Collado

    The muscle up guide has been vital to help me in my muscle up training providing me with the correct techinique! This has helped me improve from doing them with a resistance band & to reach my goal and redefine my impossible, thanks guys!