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Mr Stevenson

Head of Exercise Science & Handstands
ROOM 607

Tim has been a professional strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes since 2008. He has supported athletes to win major medals at European, Commonwealth, World and Paralympic championships many of whom also hold European and World Records. He is a UK Strength and Conditioning Association Accredited coach and has a Masters of Research in Exercise Physiology. In addition to training athletes on a daily basis he also lectures in Sport Science at Nottingham Trent University and is a lead strength and conditioning coach for the British Paralympic team for the Rio 2016 games.

An ex-rugby player and the recipient of 2 shoulder reconstruction surgeries, Tim’s journey into calisthenics came from a desire to improve himself as an athlete.

‘There were movements and things that I wanted to be able to do that I couldn’t, things like handstands and muscle ups. Part of the reason was to really build some physical robustness, especially around my shoulders but mainly I was bored of standard training and I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to be a more awesome human being’.

With no prior experience or training in gymnastics Tim used his strength and conditioning knowledge to work through the complexity of calisthenics training, and with his friend and training partner Jacko, formed and refined the foundations for the School of Calisthenics unique framework. Today he is hugely passionate about calisthenics and helping others to train in ways which makes them strong in the world, not just the gym.

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  • Adrian Benjamin Olsen

    Just unlocked the back lever, finally some progress and massive thank you to School of Calisthenics training guides, eBooks and support along the journey to redefining my impossible!

  • Digital Prati

    I started with the FREE Beginners Guide followed by the handstand guide from School of calisthenics and started learning step by step. Since then every little progression from frogstand to handstand was just a piece of cake because I always had the support of the school of calisthenics!

  • Tiago Rodrigues

    Massive thank you for the tips. I’ve been training for four months in Brazil on my own just with the help of your handstand guide. Thanks to the guide of school of calisthenics I manage to evolve daily and overcome my difficulties to finally redefine my impossible!

  • Andrew Briggs

    Finally managed my frog to handstand graduation, couldn’t have done it without the School of Calisthenics and the awesome Handstand Guide.

  • Dhaval Bhadeshiya

    Here’s my first muscle up after redefining my impossible with the help of your training guide! Thanks to you for all the help and support!

  • Hessel Witkop

    So happy this was my first ‘real’ muscle up, thank you for helping me to redefine my impossible I couldn’t have done it with all the helpful tips and advice from the video tutorials in the Muscle Up Guide!

  • David Barnes

    Well I guess a year ago, I never expected to be able to do a handstand, but now I’ve realised that it’s all dependant on what you put in and following the handstand guides gives you all the exercises you need so you can just focus on working hard on what you put in!

  • James Ward

    Yeah my first one, I felt myself getting close so I set my camera up and guess what… today I redefined my impossible and caught my first ever muscle up on camera! Feels amazing, that you so much guys!

  • Gaurav Rajput

    I failed many times, over and over. But with the help of the handstand guide and the video tutorials to follow I’ve finally redefined my impossible! Now I need to learn to balance for longer at the top!

  • Azhar Qureshi

    Having followed our Muscle Up guide and working through the video coaching tutorials Azhar as managed to redefine his impossible of the muscle up and feels amazing!