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Virtual Classroom
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The world’s only online calisthenics coaching platform. The School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom offers you the chance to develop your calisthenics skills and progress with guidance from our expert tutors.

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  • Beginners Online Training Classroom: Follow the weekly beginners lessons to develop your skills, build strength and get fit. With lessons and tests on mobility, strength and skill development.
  • Join the Virtual Classroom and become part of a community of like minded calisthenics ‘students’ to help support and encourage each other.
  • Challenge yourself and develop your calisthenics skills at your own pace with lessons, hints and tips from our expert tutors.
  • Powered by Edufii, a purpose built app designed for coaching and education our tutors will give you personal individualised coaching and feedback.
  • Don’t get stuck and frustrated, join the virtual classroom and get coached from anywhere in the world.
  • Sign up for the Beginners Classroom for only £9.99 ($12.49) per month.

If you wish you could get help with your calisthenics training instead of trawling through generic content then you need to join the School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom. You’ll get raw thoughts and footage from our tutors that will accelerate your training like nothing else.