What Does Your Body Say About You?

Your body tells the story of the choices and decisions you have made; it’s a reflection of the journey your body has been on.

Physically, my body reflects two stories; a life in professional rugby and the battering I received there (broken shoulder blade, dislocated AC joint, broken foot, broken hand, dislocated fingers, multiple hamstring strains and multiple concussions to name a few!) and the more recent physical developments from the calisthenics way of life I’ve since adopted.

Calisthenics is the ultimate challenge!

Using Calisthenic for Conditioning

Being able to master and control your body to complete movements or positional holds (such as a reverse lever or human flag) is not just a challenge of strength, but mobility, neuromuscular activation and control.

Calisthenics requires the complete package – if we are lacking ability in any one of these areas it doesn’t matter how strong we are, we’ll hit a stumbling block. In calisthenics… there is no hiding place!

When I work hard to improve my mobility, neuromuscular activation, movement control and also strength, I am able to achieve things with my body that I thought were ‘impossible’! My calisthenics journey is a never ending rollercoaster ride of successes and failures towards ‘redefining my impossible’ and I love it!

Setting a goal of a particular movement or hold, working hard to achieve that goal and then moving onto my next calisthenics challenge! It keeps training ‘fresh’. There is always a new challenge and a lot of satisfaction along the way as you achieve each goal, which helps to keep me motivated!

So if there is always a new challenge ahead, then there is no end point, but where then is the starting point?

It’s not as obvious as you think. It’s not when you first decide to dip your toe in the calisthenics ocean and try some training. The journey starts way before that! It starts with lifestyle, history, physically and mentally what you’ve been through is reflected in your body and mind.

I played over 300 games of professional rugby over a 14 year career, before retiring due to a head injury. My body tells a story of the past, the effects of training and injury.

Jacko’s big ‘don’t argue!’

Correcting the postural and joint alignment issues I have as a result of my past is a necessary starting point in my calisthenics journey. Realising this is a lesson to be learnt, for me it’s something that continues to this day and I learnt this lesson the hard way.

When I started ‘playing around’ with calisthenics, after Tim introduced it to me as a way of variety for our training, I had some early success. I set some early calisthenics movement goals and achieved them within the first few months; the first was the Reverse Lever and then my favourite, the Human Flag was next.

However, I never really addressed the underlying postural and joint alignment issues I have as a result of a long professional rugby career and all that brings.

It halted my progress and I’ve had to go back to the drawing board and work on those areas of weakness and mobility. Something I wish I’d addressed long ago, but we live and we learn and I want to encourage you to not make the mistake I did!

So what story does your body tell, and is it time for a new chapter; a new direction?

We are here to help you redefine your impossible!

Thanks for reading – Jacko

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