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    Training Ring Muscle Ups

    When training to do a muscle up, we might be able to teach you to redefine your impossible of the ring muscle up in just…

    Articles muscle up

    How to write a training programme

    Knowing how to write a training programme is a science and an art. The science comes because there are agreed principles that will maximise the…

    Articles Training Science

    5 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

    Anyone who has been training for a period of time will have a philosophy. Their individual approach to how they want to workout, the physique…


    Are You Having Fun With Your Training?

    ‘It just looks like you two are messing about, it doesn’t look like you’re training!’ For some, this might feel like a kick in the…


    Handstand Alignment & Balance Training

    Getting the right alignment whilst upside down and using your hands like feet to balance in a handstand isn’t easy if you’ve never done it…


    Why you should handstand and 3 lessons to guide your training

    There is something that has become a popular addition to many peoples’ training programmes. It seems that lots of fitness enthusiasts want to learn to…


    Holiday Training Tips

    Holiday training tips is a bit of a contradiction to last weeks blog on the importance of rest! A holiday is a time to rest…


    How to Structure a Calisthenics Training Session

    This blog on ‘How to Structure a Calisthenics Training Session’ follows on from last weeks by Mr Stevenson, so t’s officially part 2 of ‘How…


    You’ve got 99 problems but the reps ain’t one – Calisthenics Training Programme Design: Part 2

    This is part two of a blog series helping you design your calisthenics training programmes. Here is a quick recap from part one, if you…

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