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    Podcast Episode 96

    From Yoga & Crossfit to Calisthenics // Coach Georgie

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    Muscle Up Benefits

    If you were asked the question; “What’s the best calisthenics movement to train?” What would you say? My first answer would be; ‘it depends on…


    Are you strong in the ‘real world’?

    Being strong outside of the gym is one of the benefits of training your body, the human movement system, through calisthenics where the training environment…

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    How Powerful Is Your Community?

    Calisthenics made its big entrance to the fitness scene with videos of groups of guys hanging around together, doing the most insane things on outdoor…


    Podcast Episode 79

    National Circus Director of Training // Glenn Stewart

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    Jacko’s Love of Learning

    It’s funny how when we actually take some time to stop and reflect, we gain a better understanding of ourselves – what we’re good at,…


    Our First Ever Graduates

    Rolling back the years, we go way back to April of 2016, three months after launching the School of Calisthenics. We had finished our first…


    Tim // My Story

    So, the honour of the first blog and podcast interview in this series of getting to know the School of Calisthenics team falls to me.…

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    Learning with the School of Calisthenics

    The School of Calisthenics all started as we wanted to train differently, learn to move in new ways and have some fun along the way.…

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