Beginner Ring Workout



The rings are an awesome piece of equipment and we’ll show you why in this beginner ring workout. 
We’ll show you they are extremely versatile, very cheap and can be swung around a tree in the ‘great outdoors’ and your natural form of training gets it’s rightful location!
  • Rings are one of the most effective upper body training tools
  • Using the rings enables you to develop stability and strength at the same time
  • You can take rings anywhere, to the park, on holiday or wherever you feel like training.


Well it’s a great question and there’s multiple reasons why rings are so good for training. We’ve already mentioned that they’re cheap and versatile and allow you to take your training outdoor or simply anywhere with something to hang them off.

However it’s much more than that. One of the big reasons they are so useful is that they provide a much needed and important balance to training. With Calisthenics is very easy to have a ‘push’ dominated training session or programme when you are working on things that require no equipment. We end up doing lots of core work, push ups and maybe even handstand training which is all great.


However is difficult to do any pulling or rowing movements with out some bars to pull on. A training period or programme dominated by pushing movement will lead to an imbalance of muscle around the shoulder. This will not only affect shoulder posture but also length tension relationships around the shoulder itself with the pecs likely to get very tight from being overworked. This can be a problem and eventually lead to injury if you’re not careful. It will certainly effect your shoulder posture and shoulder movement mechanics which will affect your ability to use them and produce force effectively.
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So the biggest reason we love rings here at the school of calisthenics is that it allows us to easily get a great pulling or rowing session done anywhere. Just throw your rings around a tree or something from them to hang off. Watch the video below and start working on strengthening the shoulders in pulling and rowing movement.
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We hope that’s given you some new ideas of things you can do with your rings and starts to show you how versatile they can be.

Time to get outside, get in nature and start exploring your physical potential as nature intended!

Class dismissed

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