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Getting the right alignment whilst upside down and using your hands like feet to balance in a handstand isn’t easy if you’ve never done it before.

If like us you, don’t have a gymnastics background and no prior handstand experience but you’re excited and motivated to learn, there are a few things that get in the way… often being scared of falling as well as technical things like your alignment and finger control.

In this article and video tutorials, we look at two ways to use the wall to help assist you in your handstand balance. Neither is right nor wrong but if you understand the principles, both can be very effective in your handstand training.

Once you understand the principles, it’s then over to you to use one or both variations, whichever feels more comfortable for you when you’re upside down… or maybe you’re confident enough to use the benefits of both!

option one // wall walks

Using the wall to walk up against not only teaches us where straight is (so long as you use a straight wall) but also gives us the opportunity to get upside down more gradually and progressively than in the kick up. This allows you to build up the confidence to get more inverted over time.
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The wall kick up is a much more comfortable environment for practicing your balance as you don’t have to worry about your legs going over the top and you doing a WWE style body slam onto the floor! Try to use the wall less and less over time and ensure you are conscious about your alignment and trunk position.
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I just know from personal experience of learning to handstand with ZERO prior experience, unless you feel comfortable in the position when you’re upside down, you’ll find it too difficult to focus on the balance. Because you’re scared of falling over and hurting yourself, you just can’t focus on the fine motor control it takes to balance effectively (please note I did face-plant the first time I tried a frogstand back in January 2014, that’s how bad I was!)

Now it’s time for your homework… Start practising your handstands and keep us updated with your progress!

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