Movement + Mobility Masterclass

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  • Coaches: Jacko + Ollie Frost
  • Level: All Levels
  • 13 Training Programmes
  • 50+ Videos
  • 4 Training Modules
Movement is life. As soon as you lose your ability to move in the way you enjoy, life starts to look pretty bleak. Making a regular and consistent investment in your physical pension will reward you with the world's most valuable commodity....pain free movement. 
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In this Masterclass, movement and mobility specialist Ollie Frost joins Jacko to take you on a journey to moving better. The training programmes will support your calisthenics goals and objectives and support your long term enjoyment of life. Get started today as you can use the exercises and programmes alongside any other training to improve range of movement, control and functional performance. 

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the coaches

meet the team

david jackson

co-founder + coach
David ‘Jacko’ Jackson was a professional rugby player for 14 years and now also a UKSCA coach. He has a Masters in Engineering, a PGCE in teaching and certifications in sports nutrition and psychology.

ollie frost

movement specialist
Ollie was professional rugby player who upon finishing his career was inspired to explore the methodology behind how the body can move freely in a safe way. Growing up he gained experience in contemporary dance and break dancing. Ollie is a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) coach who believes in making movement fun; once you have created range of movement first with healthy joints. 
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