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Nutrition for Health and Performance

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  • Coaches: Jacko + Michelle Meinking
  • Level: All
  • 15+ recipes 
  • 20+ Videos
  • 30+ lessons + infographics
  • Comprehensive resource
Nutrition is about more than just calories, it's about the nutritional value of the food we put into our bodies and the role it plays in our health, training performance and recovery. We've teamed up with expert dietitian nutritionist, Michelle Meinking, to bring you the best help and advice for all your nutrition and dietary needs.
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 This educational and practical course will help you to understand the important nutrition principles + give you new ideas and recipes that will help you improve your health and performance.

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the coaches

meet the team

david jackson

co-founder + coach
David ‘Jacko’ Jackson was a professional rugby player for 14 years and now also a UKSCA coach. He has a Masters in Engineering, a PGCE in teaching and certifications in sports nutrition and psychology.

michelle meinking

nutrition expert
Michelle is qualified nutritionist and registered dietitian currently working in professional performance sports within the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the USA. She has been working as the first team dietician and nutritionist since 2017 for Real Salt Lake, working to develop and build the nutrition initiatives for the entire organisation. She has also worked with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL, Chicago Cubs in the MLB, team USA olympic ski and snowboard teams as well as the athletics team at the University of Notre Dame.
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