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    Virtual Classroom

    Learning calisthenics online has never been easier! The School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom is our eLearning platform designed to be the most effective bodyweight training resource available.

    Whether you’re completely new to calisthenics and just starting out or looking to supe up your training with some truly inspiring bodyweight movements, the Virtual Classroom has something for everyone. Our modular approach with structured and progressive training programmes will help you step-by-step to redefine your impossible.

    Our classrooms are based around our unique calisthenics framework that provides a progressive and systematic approach that will take you to whichever movement goal you choose be it a handstand, frog to handstand, human flag or muscle up.

    It includes pretty much everything from our Video Training Guides (eBooks) and so much more!

    Join the Virtual Classroom if you’re looking for a big dose of fun and variation for your calisthenics.

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    Our workshops offer you the opportunity to get face-to-face contact with our calisthenics tutors meaning you can get specific help and advice on how to progress your training and achieve your goals.

    Beginners: For those interested in exploring calisthenics and want a simple but exciting introduction to bodyweight training. This workshop is open to anyone, regardless of ability.

    Strength + Play: In this workshop, we show you lots of different calisthenics exercises that can add variety to your training but also help you to build more basic strength. But of equal importance is Play.

    Progressions: If you have your eyes on one of the big calisthenics movements like the handstand, muscle up or human flag this workshop is for you. Our objective is to make sure you leave knowing exactly what you need to work on next to redefine your impossible.

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    Online Calisthenics Coaching and Programming

    If you want some help and guidance with your training from anywhere in the world our online calisthenics coaching is for you.

    We have developed a fantastic process and support system that means we can design individualised training programmes based around your specific needs and goals. We’ll collect all the information we need from you to create the programme and then provide you with a training programme including video coaching tutorials.

    You also have the option to get ongoing support from our expert tutors via a purpose-built coaching app, have live remote coaching sessions and ask any questions you might have about the programme.

    To find out more about online calisthenics coaching click here

    Personalised one-to-one coaching

    If you want a truly individualised calisthenics experience then our one-to-one sessions are for you. Our expert tutor will start with a screening and assessment session which allows them to gather all the information they need to design you a bespoke training programme.

    You can then book sessions and get one-to-one coaching meaning you get specific support based on your individual needs and a fast-track route to mastering your own bodyweight.

    Currently, these sessions are available in Nottingham, UK.

    Click here to find out more about one-to-one calisthenics coaching


    Weekly classes are a great way to come and get regular coaching support and train with other people who are redefining their impossibles as well. We currently run a classes weekly in Nottingham, UK.

    The focus of the class each week changes and is aimed at coaching the specifics of movements such as handstand, the human flag, muscle up and back lever. The session structure is based around our framework so each one will teach you about preparing the body for movement, skill acquisition and specific strength in relation to the movement focus of that session. But before you go home, we’ll make sure you put some reps in the bank with decent capacity strength workout to wrap things up.

    To find out more about our classes and book your place click here


    Our retreats are the ultimate package. Individualised screening and assessment, a personalised training programme and coaching sessions held in a beautiful location with incredible chef-prepared food. We also include group training and education sessions to help you develop your knowledge of programme design and calisthenics progression.

    The retreats are all about having fun, training with like-minded people, getting individualised support and enough time to put your feet up and relax in an amazing location.

    Click here to find out more about our calisthenics retreats