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    What is Calisthenics

    Calisthenics is a form of physical training focused on teaching you to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment.

    The word comes from the Greek, Kalos and Sthenos meaning ‘Beauty’ and ‘Strength’. It is the art and science of beautiful movement.

    The School of Calisthenics was established to help anyone start, or continue their bodyweight training journey. Whether you want to learn to handstand, human flag or muscle up, or you want to explore the most natural form of physical training so you can do a workout anytime, anywhere, we have got everything you need.

    Calisthenics is the complete package. Body and mind working together to the perfect symphony of mobility, stability, strength and play. Here is some information about the benefits of exploring your potential through bodyweight training.

    Physical Health

    Bodyweight training represents exercise in its most natural form and combines strength training and basic gymnastic movements that can be done anywhere.

    It’s true that there is beauty in simplicity and calisthenics has been tried and tested over millennia leaving no doubt that it delivers exceptional results in all facets; movement, strength and aesthetics. Whilst the latter is a consideration at the School of Calisthenics we encourage people to focus on what your body can do rather than just what it looks like.

    The great thing about progressive bodyweight training is that with consistent training at an appropriate intensity, the two come together. You get a box full of gravity defying movement skills and, an athletic physique.

    To be successful in calisthenics you must learn to use the body as an integrated unit instead of individual and isolated muscles. This is good news as exposing yourself to exercises that require you to transfer force from hands to feet means a huge potential return when it comes to functional movement and robustness. Calisthenics will serve you well now, and into the latter years of your life.

    Mental Health

    Research shows that setting and achieving goals, learning new things, being resilient and having a community to be part of can help make you happier. Calisthenics creates the opportunity to do all these things.

    Because the focus changes to what your body can do, instead of just what it looks like, issues with body image and dysmorphia can be reduced. Calisthenics also promotes mindfulness through a need to be present in your practice, particuarly in the skill acquisition phase of learning a new movement.

    Calisthenics is about more than just getting strong and taking cool photos. Your brain is a muscle that needs flexing as well and training it with progressively challenging movements is a great way to keep it sharp.

    Read more about calisthenics and mental health in this blog

    Redefine Your Impossible

    Most people have a place in their brain where they put things they think they can’t do. We call this the ‘Impossible Box’. Before starting calisthenics you may find that you instinctively put human flags, muscle ups, handstands and front levers in that box. But we’re here to make sure they don’t get stuck there for too long.

    We have over 10 years experience as strength and conditioning coaches in elite Paralympic sport and have used that to create our own unique calisthenics framework. This progressive and systematic approach will support you, regardless of your starting point, to start emptying your impossible box and move in ways you never thought you could. Get ready to Redefine Your Impossible.

    Learn more about the School of Calisthenics Framework

    Check out our calisthenics workouts to get started on calisthenics now!


    Training and exercise should be enjoyable but so many people are not having fun with it. With calisthenics however it is unavoidable. Play is a central pillar of exploring your physical potential as you will become open to trying new things, falling over and getting back up with a smile on your face.

    Watch any child learning to move and you will see how much fun they are having. Play is something we forget as adults and calisthenics will bring it back in abundance. Einstein said that play is the highest form of research, read more about how calisthenics and play are inseparable.