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The Notebook is a multi-purpose tool that will help you to keep notes and see a summary of the important things you might want to highlight and remember from the training information and programmes.

Your Notebook also contains information that we hope makes your experience of being part of the School of Calisthenics even better.


As you work through the training programmes and information its likely that you will want to make some notes, maybe record your reps and sets, make notes of a progression you used or flag something like a specific exercise to go back to in the future. The great news is that you can easily record this in your Notebook. 

Once you do this, highlighted sections, your notes and anything else will appear in the 'My Notebook' meaning you can refer back to them easily. 

Here is how to get started.


If you click on the screen or highlight text when you're using a training programme or educational eBook you can will see a small panel appear. Using the options will allow you to highlight information and make notes that will then all appear in your Notebook.

Below you can find an explanation of all the features and how to access the overview of your notes. 
The top three buttons are highlighters. Simply select the text or information you want and then click the highlighter colour of your choice. 
You can remove highlighted text by clicking it again and then selecting 'Remove Mark' from the modified pop up panel.
This option allows you to make notes. Click it and you will see a box appear in which you can type anything you like. These notes are saved in each training programme or eBook so you can refer back to them as you review the information. Notes can be removed by clicking the highlighted text and selecting 'Remove Mark' or by right clicking the note and selecting 'Remove Note'.

An overview of all your notes is available in your main Notebook where you can link directly to those programmes or sections.
Important sections or points can be highlighted with a star.
The lightening option removes all highlights and notes from the training programme or eBook.
Want to start a discussion about something or share it with others? Click the 'social' icon and start a conversation.
This tool allows you to highlight text without “multiple clicks”. It can be very handy for marking individual words.
If you don't want the menu popping up in each text selection/marking of the text just disable it with the last button of the panel. 

It can be re-enabled by refreshing the page.

viewing your notes

Now let’s see how can you utilise highlights and notes to review all the important sections and remind yourself of things you noted down.

Just enter your notebook and navigate the various sections. If you have any questions or need any help just ask in the community. 
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