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    Bar Muscle Up Training Programme


    Learn how to do a Bar Muscle Up in our Virtual Classroom. Finally nail one of the most impressive feats of strength there is and feel like you’re floating over the bar.

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    Become a Virtual Classroom member for the best of everything from the School of Calisthenics from only £9.99 a month including the Bar Muscle Up training programme. 

    Check it out with no risk as you get 7-days FREE when you sign up and there’s no minimum contract when you pay monthly. 


    Learn to do a Bar Muscle Up

    The strict muscle up is one of the most impressive and respected feats of upper body strength there is. If you look at the bar muscle up and think ‘I want to be able to do that’ then we can show you the most direct route to getting above the bar. Just take a second to think how awesome it will be to complete your first rep, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings in bodyweight training. 

    Using our many years of experience as professional strength and conditioning coaches the Bar Muscle Up class uses proven training science to provide you with the most direct route to your first bar muscle up.

    Maybe you:

    • Can do loads of pull ups and dips, but just can’t seem to link the two together
    • Can’t help but swing or kip to get higher above the bar and it makes your shoulders feel pretty nasty. 
    • Want to do a strict muscle up that looks effortless but you don’t seem to have the power, speed or control to do the smooth muscle up you dream of.

    Introducing the School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom: Bar Muscle Up Training Programme

    Designed to be the best resource on the planet for people who want to learn how to do a bar muscle up, learn how to get stronger, move better and have more fun training bodyweight movements.

    What’s included?

    Week-by-week training workouts

    Step-by-step, progressive training workouts that walk you all the way from a standard pull up to the explosive and powerful movement you need in order to nail the transition time and again.

    Handstand Beginners Class

    Video coaching tutorials

    Extensive video library of tutorials with specific coaching cues to help you push through sticking points including the false grip and transition, and address any fears you might have.

    Muscle up assessments

    Four different muscle up assessments along the way to help keep you on track and show what you specifically need to work on from troubleshooting your transition to increasing your pulling strength and speed.

    Supportive community

    Get accountability, help, encouragement and support from our community so you’ll never feel stuck, frustrated or alone again.

    Connect your mind and body

    Get seriously strong while improving shoulder health, strength, stability, quality of movement and mindset.

    We know everyone’s journey learning how to do a muscle up is unique.

    That’s why we built the Virtual Classroom to be the best online calisthenics resource out there. It’s as close as you can get to having world-class coaches by your side, who break down every step, give you encouragement and help you push through YOUR sticking points.

    Even after all the hours we spent building videos, training workouts, tutorials, assessments, and webinars, we knew we wanted to do more. That’s why, if you become a member, you’ll also be joining a unique community of people all working towards their own muscle up.

    The coaches and the community are there to help each other redefine their impossibles. And they’re there to help you too.

    This is YOUR journey. It’s totally unique. And, we want to help you every step of the way.

    Learn how to do a bar muscle up



    Are you ready?

    If you’ve developed basic competency with pull ups and dips then you’re ready to learn the bar muscle up. If not, no worries because we’ve got you covered in the Bodyweight Basics Training Programme, where you’ll learn all the foundations you need for the muscle up.


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