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    Frogstand to Handstand Training Programme


    Learn how to do a Frogstand to Handstand in our Virtual Classroom. Take your handstand strength and skill to the next level! The frogstand to handstand is the key to unlocking the world of more advanced handstand skills. If the freestanding handstand push up and tiger bend push ups are on your calisthenics bucket list, your journey starts here!

    Get a 7-day FREE trial with a membership

    Become a Virtual Classroom member for the best of everything from the School of Calisthenics from only £9.99 a month including the Frogstand to Handstand training programme. 

    Check it out with no risk as you get 7-days FREE when you sign up and there’s no minimum contract when you pay monthly. 


    How to do a frogstand to handstand

    • Do you have some basic bodyweight strength training experience? Have you experimented with pike push ups, wall handstands or frogstands?
    • Do you want to train a handstand variation that requires some serious strength?
    • Are you wondering what’s next? What cool moves you can learn to take your handstand skills to the next level?
    • Do you want to increase the strength and stability in your core, your shoulders and throughout your entire body?
    • Are you looking for more fun in your training and a community that will make you smile and support you along the way?

    Then we’ve got you covered.

    The frogstand to handstand is an epic movement of strength and control that not only looks impressive, it creates a great base for even more advanced hand balancing skills in the future.

    • Imagine having enough shoulder strength to be able to walk around on your hands, enough strength and control to transition from frogstand to handstand.
    • Imagine how confident you’ll feel trusting, knowing you have the strength to move your body in any shape you want while upside down.
    • Imagine the power and balance you’ll have when you can do perfect handstand pushups.

    Introducing the School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom: Frogstand to Handstand Training Programme

    The best resource on the planet for people who want to increase their handstand strength and stability, move better and have more fun training bodyweight movements.

    What’s included?

    Week-by-week training workouts

    Step-by-step, progressive training workouts that walk you all the way from your bog-standard “Vanilla Handstand” to becoming a true handstand hero.

    Handstand Beginners Class

    Video coaching tutorials

    Extensive video library of tutorials with specific movement preparation and coaching cues to help you push through your individual sticking points.

    Frogstand to handstand assessments

    Five different handstand assessments along the way, to help keep you on track and show what you specifically need to work on — from increasing your vertical pushing strength to improving your stability while moving around upside down.

    Supportive community

    Get accountability, help, encouragement and support from our community so you’ll never feel stuck, frustrated or alone again.

    Connect your mind and body

    Get seriously strong while improving posture, shoulder health, wrist strength, stability, quality of movement, and mindset.

    We know everyone’s journey to and beyond the handstand is unique.

    That’s why we built the Virtual Classroom to be the best online calisthenics resource out there. It’s as close as you can get to having world-class coaches by your side, who break down every step, give you encouragement and help you push through YOUR sticking points.

    Even after all the hours we spent building videos, training workouts, tutorials, assessments, and webinars, we knew we wanted to do more. That’s why, if you become a member, you’ll also be joining a unique community of people all working towards their own handstand.

    The coaches and the community are there to help each other redefine their impossibles. And they’re there to help you too.

    This is YOUR journey. It’s totally unique. And, we want to help you every step of the way.

    Learn how to do a frogstand to handstand



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