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    Lower Body Foundations Training Programme


    Everything you need to develop strong and stable lower body foundations that form the basis for more advanced progressions.

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    Lower Body Training Programme

    In calisthenics training, we tend to give our upper body a lot of attention in order to build strength for exciting movements like the muscle up or human flag. The truth is our lower body is just as important!

    • Are you struggling with your range of movement?
    • Do you spend long hours sitting at a desk or driving with little opportunity to move throughout the day?
    • Are you struggling with tight hip flexors and hamstrings, and glutes that aren’t working as well as they should be?
    • Do you want improve performance and enjoyment of other sports and activities like running, cycling, triathlons, football, netball or hockey.

    Then our Lower Body Foundations Training Programme is just for you!

    • Module 1 focusses on the bodyweight squat. We’ll show you how to analyse your squat and identify any movement compensations.
    • Module 2 focussed on the lunge complex which will challenge your balance and stability as well as your hip mobility using on a series of multi directional variations.

    Introducing the School of Calisthenics Virtual Classroom: Lower Body Foundations Training Programme

    The best resource on the planet for people who want to learn how to develop strong and stable lower body foundations, move better and have more fun training bodyweight movements.

    What’s included?

    Squat and Lunge analysis with training programmes

    Understand your squat mechanics so you can target the areas you need to work on, then follow the reps and sets as guidelines to get the most out of the training programme.

    Handstand Beginners Class

    Video coaching tutorials

    Extensive video library of tutorials with specific coaching cues to help you understand good squat and lunge movement mechanics and how to push through sticking points.


    Self-assessments to ensure you have understood and implemented the key points and show you what you specifically need to work on from troubleshooting your mobility to helping you hold a deep squat with good form.

    Supportive community

    Get accountability, help, encouragement and support from our community so you’ll never feel stuck, frustrated or alone again.

    Connect your mind and body

    Improve posture, shoulder health, wrist strength, stability, quality of movement, mindset and general wellbeing.

    We know everyone’s journey to moving better is unique.

    That’s why we built the Virtual Classroom to be the best online calisthenics resource out there. It’s as close as you can get to having world-class coaches by your side, who break down every step, give you encouragement and help you push through YOUR sticking points.

    Even after all the hours we spent building videos, training workouts, tutorials, assessments, and webinars, we knew we wanted to do more. That’s why, if you become a member, you’ll also be joining a unique community of people all working towards improved lower body range of movement and strength.

    The coaches and the community are there to help each other redefine their impossibles. And they’re there to help you too.

    This is YOUR journey. It’s totally unique. And, we want to help you every step of the way.

    Build strong and stable lower body foundations



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