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Created for those who are starting calisthenics and want to learn the basics along with specific skills such as handstands and muscle ups.
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What's included?

9 hybrid training + education programmes including: 
  • Bodyweight Basics
  • Learn to Handstand
  • Frogstand to Handstand
  • Bar Muscle Up
  • Ring Muscle Up
  • Human Flag
  • Back Lever
  • Nutrition for Health + Performance
  • Training Education
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Our training programmes are divided into bite-size modules, each with four weeks of periodised training workout giving you the exercises, reps, sets and cues you need.
Individualise your training using the self-assessments in all of our training programmes. These are designed to ensure you know exactly what to do and how to progress.
Years of coaching experience means our tutorials are succinct, effective and easy to follow, helping you to do the exercises to an extremely high standard. 
The training programmes are packed with content that will help you to understand not just what to do, but also why. This put the power in your hands and enables you to maximise your training.
Join like-minded people and our coaching team to get encouragement and motivation regardless of how far along your journey you are. The School of Calisthenics community is something very special.
When we say coach support we don't mean a 'bot' or artificial intelligence. Our coaching team with real life experience are 100% committed to engaging with you and will answer your questions directly.

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If you're still exploring calisthenics or would like the flexibility of paying monthly you can for only £19 per month.
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All the following training programmes are included in the Annual Membership Package
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annual Membership Package

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