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    The coaches at the School of Calisthenics are not here to tell you off! There’s no detention, the rules are more like values we train by. Sticking to them will help you to progress safely and effectively towards your Calisthenics Movement goals.


    1. Earn the right to progress; work progressively through the exercises and progressions outlined in the training programmes, steady continual improvement in the short term will provide long term success. Make sure you have each progression nailed down before you move on. If not, you’ll just have to come back in the future when your development stagnates and earn the movement and strength you missed out on.

    2. Ask if you are unsure; you can get in touch via social media or email and ask our calisthenics coaches any questions to ensure your progress and technique is safe and progressive.

    3. Be patient and build the foundations first.

    4. Every time you fall, keep getting up; after all, the school motto is ‘rise and rise again until lambs become lions’.