How To Elbow Lever – Intermediate Calisthenics

We like to make training fun and always keep you moving forward, in your quest to redefine your impossible. Which is why we wanted to give you this elbow lever as a little ‘test’ and progression on from the frogstand.

It’s a great hand balancing variation that has your weight spread horizontally rather than vertically like in a handstand, so the balance aspect it much easier. It’s a great step for beginners to take towards an intermediates level.

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Many of you have started your hand balancing journey with us, starting with the frogstand and built but a great foundation (over 50,000+ view of frogstand videos we’ve done). So now is a great time to add this variation into your hand balancing training as a different challenge.

Follow the steps outlined in the tutorial, make sure you earn the right to progress and have fun whilst getting strong!

We hope you enjoyed the elbow lever tutorial. If you have any questions please get in touch via email or social media. This really is a manageable hold for lots of you and we want to help you achieve it. It’s definitely not as impossible as you might think!

Once you’ve done your homework and redefined your impossible of the elbow lever we’d love to see you in action, so please tag us in or send your pictures and videos to us!

Thank you again for reading and being part of the School of Calisthenics.

Class dismissed.

Tim + Jacko

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