When Should I Progress My Frogstand?

“When should I progress my frostand, how will I progress it and when will I know I’m ready?”

These are some of the common questions we often get asked around how to progress calisthenics and bodyweight training. These might be some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself already!

In the video tutorial below we go into detail explaining the key principles around progression so that you can try and apply them to any of the things you’re working on. We’ve used the frogstand in this example but the principle applies to any of your isometric holds like human flags and levers.

We hope this has answered some of your ‘progression’ questions and will help you take one step closer to redefining your impossible. We plan on do a couple more tutorials on ‘how to progress’ delving into the ‘School Locker’ and seeing how we can use some tools along with the principles around progression to get you all the way to redefining your impossible.

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