Build Bigger Triceps With Calisthenics

The triceps are often neglected and become weak but we are going to show you how to build bigger triceps and improve not just your tricep strength but also your core strength and total body control!

We will be using three variations of a bodyweight tricep extension exercise. Starting with no equipment and just the floor, before then moving on to challenge both the triceps and shoulder stabilisers whilst in an overhead position as well as┬áthe core. See all three progressive exercises in the video below…

It’s important that we have variation in our training as well as specificity to our required outcomes or goals. The triceps are often trained using dips most frequently in calisthenics, which is a great exercise for the triceps as well as the chest and shoulders. However when we want to progress in overhead pushing positions like in the Human Flag or Handstand, like many of you following our Human Flag and Handstand Training eBooks, we lack the tricep strength and shoulder stability in the overhead position whilst having control of our trunk.

Being able to fix the shoulder in a stable position whilst overhead and then extend the tricep (strengthening the elbow) requires some specific strength that many of us have neglected. These bodyweight tricep extension are great for challenging your shoulder stability whilst increasing tricep pushing strength that will help you redefine your impossible goal of the Human Flag and Handstand!

You’ll also feel the connection or get challenged at the core not to ‘break’ at the mid-section as soon as you try and push. Your body is trying to find the path of least resistance, the easiest way to do it… but fight against it and you’ll build core strength and body alignment that you can utilise in all of your calisthenics development.

I hope you enjoyed the article / tutorial and it helps you with your calisthenics development. If you have any question please get in touch via social media (you can find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). Feel free to share the article with anyone and everyone you know!

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